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Porch Cleaning & Patio Washing Providers For Huntsville

Patio cleaning

When you want to relax outside on your porch on a nice warm evening, the last thing you want to be staring at is ugly stains and splotches right below your feet. Luckily, Dynamic Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning offers a competitively great patio washing service to keep your Huntsville home's outdoor relaxation spaces clean and inviting, so that you, your family, and your guests can relax in the comfort of a freshly cleaned home.

As always, we aim to show our customers world-class service by bringing them the best pressure washing for Huntsville locals. If your home's outdoor gathering spaces need a little washing up, get in touch and request a free quote for our patio washing service at 256-822-9222.

Porch Cleaning: Wood, Composite, Concrete, & More

Our patio washing service is modifiable and can be tailored to fit your home's specific needs, whether we need to power wash tough stains out of a concrete patio or gently soft wash algae off of a wooden porch. From wide patios to screened-in porches, we'll clean all kinds of outdoor spaces to keep them free of stains, dirt, and slime.

Safety is also a primary concern in our work. Especially with areas designed to accommodate people for long periods of time, like patios and porches, it's essential to keep them free of toxic chemicals. Many common exterior cleaning methods use high concentrations of harsh detergents and cleaners, which can leave hazardous residue behind if not properly cleaned. We keep things safe and eco-friendly- our patio washing services make use of low concentrations of simple detergents similar to the ones you use to clean around the house. This keeps things safe and healthy so your family can relax safely on a pristine patio!

Protect Your Pool Deck

If you have a home swimming pool, you should be mindful of pool deck maintenance as well! Algae and mold growth thrive on moist surfaces and can make your already-slippery pool deck even more treacherous. In addition, chlorides such as chlorine and salt, which are used to sanitize just about every pool, can be corrosive to many common deck materials- particularly concrete! Over time, an unwashed pool deck will start to signs of damage- bleaching, discoloration, even cracks and crumbling.

That's why pool deck cleaning should be an important part of everyone's pool maintenance regimen. Your pool deck should be thoroughly cleaned once a year- a little goes a long way in preserving a sturdy, safe pool deck. If you'd like to take advantage of our pool deck cleaning service, call us today.


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