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Pool Deck Cleaning For Easy Huntsville Outdoor Living Space Maintenance

Pool deck cleaning

There's no better way to spend a long Huntsville summer day than by enjoying your home's pool with your family and friends. Of course, your pool is only as good as its maintenance- you know to take good care of what's inside your pool, make sure you're maintaining its surroundings as well with the help of our pool deck cleaning service!

The area around a pool is a unique environment- one filled with humidity, algae and mold spores, and caustic chemicals which can deteriorate your deck's materials. Just as you maintain a healthy chemical balance in your pool water and clean out debris, so too do you need pool deck cleaning to clean up nasty slippery messes and wash out destructive chemical residue!

For quick and stress-free pool deck cleaning for your Huntsville home's pool, give Dynamic Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning a call. Our technicians will tune up and turn around your pool deck in no time. Reach out to us to request a free quote at 256-822-9222.

Pool Surround Washing

Unlike other forms of pool maintenance, such as checking the water's pH balance or cleaning the filter, you typically only need pool deck cleaning about once a year. That yearly cleaning matters though- not only are algae and mold invasive organisms, sanitation issues, and slipping hazards, but there's also the issue of chemical residues in your pool deck.

Chlorine, as well as salt in saltwater pools, are both forms of chlorides. We use them to regulate a safe environment in pool water, but the problem is that they also have a caustic effect on many common materials used in pool surrounds- especially concrete. While these chemicals can discolor and damage many kinds of surface materials, concrete in particular will begin to break down over long-term exposure to these chemicals. Sealing your pool deck helps protect the surface, but it's also important to give your deck a break by washing away chemical residues, algae, mold, and other forms of harmful mess.

Our technicians clean carefully around your pool and use low concentrations of special detergents designed to not affect your pool's pH balance, on the off chance any traces make it to the water. Our cleaning, as always, is safe, efficient, and professional- we strive to leave you satisfied and maintain our reputation as an outstanding provider of pressure washing for Huntsville and its surrounding cities.

Your Capable Concrete Clean-Up Crew

Our home concrete/hardscape cleaning services go far beyond pool deck cleaning! Our pressure washing is available to wash things up wherever your home needs it! If you need our help with any of these following services, get in touch with us today!


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