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Making Your Backyard Beautiful


We encourage homeowners to think outside of the box when it comes to their backyards- with a little bit of extra maintenance and a bit of thoughtful landscaping and decoration, you can elevate your backyard from just another outdoor space to a personalized private retreat for your family and guests. Here are some ideas to help get you started!

Plan What You Plant

Your backyard doesn't need to be too busy. If you're big on gardening and you enjoy maintaining complex landscaping by yourself, this might not be a big deal. However, if you don't have much of a green thumb, simplifying your landscaping can save you a lot of stress (or money, if you hire a landscaper). Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Reduce the number of plants in your yard: Having a ton of different ornamental plants can result in a ton of mess. Try to cut it down to a few of your favorites and decorate your yard in other ways.
  • Plant native: Native plants typically need less hands-on care to settle into their environment.
  • Used raised beds and planters: Plants in beds and pots don't need mowing, can be watered more easily, and don't spread out of their intended zone as easily. It can also instantly boost your yard's aesthetic. Use planters of different sizes and colors or make a raised bed out of a nice brick for a fresh look for your landscaping.
  • Plant perennials, not annuals!

Don't Have A Fence? Build One!

When you have a privacy fence around your backyard, your space feels much more like your own. You have lots of options: wood is a timeless classic that looks good with almost any style of home, but vinyl and composite fencing have bold colors and don't need as much maintenance. Or even think outside of the box with a unique fencing alternative, like an artificial privacy hedge!

Clean Up Your Hardscapes

The more hardscaping you have, the less lawn you have to maintain! Of course, that's not to say that patios and decks don't need their maintenance too. However, rather than mowing that space twice a week in the growing season, you can simply invest in a little pressure washing a couple of times a year! Just plan a patio washing or deck cleaning every six months to keep stains and algae in check, and if possible try to give the area a good sweep once a month.


The trick to making your backyard a retreat is decorating it with the stuff you need to make it feel like home. The look you want to capture is unique, and there are tons of ideas out there. A couple of ones we like:

  • Build a pergola with string lighting over your deck or patio for a warm, relaxing spot to hang out in the evening
  • Invest in some comfortable cushioned patio furniture. You can decorate with bright accent pillows or even throw blankets for warmth, as long as you stow them away overnight
  • Buy or build an outdoor firepit to have warm, friendly outdoor gatherings in the fall

Count On The Helpful Pros

It's ok to turn some of the maintenance over to the pros if it's out of your comfort zone. Investing in a good landscaper will make maintaining your yard's vegetation much easier. And when you need patio washing, deck cleaning, or any other hardscape pressure washing service, you can count on Dynamic Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning to get it done right. Call us today at 256-822-9222.


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