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Why You Need Professional Window Cleaning

Window cleaning

Ideally, you want your windows to be bright and transparent to fill your home full of refreshing light. If they've become clouded up with grime, though, your home can look and feel glum both inside and out. When that happens, you need a good window cleaning to pick things up again- and for the fastest clean with the finest quality, count on the professionals to get it done right. Our technicians use soft-washing, a lower-pressure alternative to standard pressure washing, to cleanly cut through and rinse away grimy cloudy buildup until your glass glitters!

The skilled pressure washing experts at Dynamic Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning are masters of window cleaning, and we'd be glad to offer you a free quote if you call us at 256-822-9222. Still not convinced that professional window cleaning is important? Here are a few reasons why this crucial part of home maintenance is one you don't want to miss.

It Helps Your Mood

If you're feeling like the mood inside your home is glum and depressed, dirty windows may be a culprit. Many studies have shown that exposure to sunlight increases the production of serotonin in our brains, which is a hormone that makes us feel calm and happy. When that amount of sunlight that we could be getting is reduced by cloudy windows, we're not getting as much of a benefit. It's similar to why many people experience seasonal depression in the winter- they're getting less sunlight. By keeping your windows clean and transparent, you can really let the sunshine in and boost your mood!

It Helps Your Home Stay Hygienic

Want to know another surprising fact about sunlight? The UV rays from the sun work as a disinfectant, and studies have shown that rooms that were consistently exposed to bright sunlight had half the viable bacteria than rooms that were left dark. When adequate sunlight reaches all of your home's main rooms, there are literally less bacteria and viruses indoors to make you sick.

It Protects Your Glass

Even outdoor glass can be clouded up over time due to the effects of tiny etching micro-abrasives like pollen, dust, and sand. Professional window cleaning skillfully cleans away even the smallest harmful particles to protect your glass and keep your windows in good shape for longer.

It Helps Your Curb Appeal

Think about it- when your windows are covered with grimy stuff, they're absorbing, rather than reflecting, sunlight. Because there's no sunlight bouncing back out, your home can look dark and heavy- pretty spooky stuff. When your windows are bright and well-washed, the sunlight reflects out, making your home literally shine and brightening its appearance!


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