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Soft Wash and Pressure Washing in Huntsville Alabama

Soft Wash and Pressure Washing in Huntsville Alabama

The customer called us because they were getting ready to sell their 1750 square foot home. We got to the customers home and pretreated the concrete as soon we started. Once we had all the concrete pretreated we washed the house. With out specific blend of detergents we applied to the house to get rid of all that grime and algae. After the chemicals done their job we rinsed everything down bringing back the beautiful homes look. That gave the pretreatment on the home plenty of time to penetrate and get into the concrete. We then took our surface cleaner and started blasting grit and grime away. Once we finished that we rinsed everything away and then applied our post treatment, which helps get deep in the pores and keep all the fungus from returning for a longer period of time.

Budget: $450


Products Used

Soft wash and pressure washer

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